post christmas sale

December 30, 2007

its better than the great singapore sale.
everywhere’s sale sale sale, shiok!

thank you darling for the red dress 8)


the indecisive bunch.

December 29, 2007

after many months, we finally met again.

they are my favourite seniors back then in delta..
one taught me the art of slacking – desmond;
one accompanied me across the bridge for a year – weeliat;
and one who simply pushes his smelly fingers into my nose – jonathan.

des & liat with their fav junior – me!

where’s jas?




christmas dinner

December 26, 2007

its a family affair this year.

just a simple dinner at SAF Yatch Club which was awesome.
i loved that place ever since darling brought me there many many months ago.
nice ambience, and im glad my family + elva love it as much as i do. 🙂


our candy house for christmas! 8)

 in our mini yatches..

and our christmas cake from buddy 😉

merry christmas everyone.

a BIG thank you to geri who took the effort to organise this christmas bbq for us at her place.

we haven’t exactly had such an enjoyable party for a long time.
these people are the joy of my life in polytechic, and will still be!

coincidentally, it was lex’s birthday on that day too (it was not a planned one! heh) 

the da jie da of the sprintgirls.

my favourite two.

meet my miffy friend.

my cab khaki!

sprintgirls (missing: regina)

the game of the night – wet head (credits: darling’s)

it was a great party, with my all time favourites.

coming up next, dennis’s birthday chalet.
wet head too? 🙂