a lost sheep.

January 30, 2008

its stressful to not know what you want to achieve at the end of the day/month/year.

just like a lost sheep wandering around, i really got no clue what im working towards right now.

for a better life? for money? for survival? for fame? OR?!

i really hope i’ve made the right choice.
maybe i just need some time to get used to it.

i need a shepherd to guide me through this crossroad in life.
someone wise pleaSE?


smiley sunday

January 28, 2008

im so proud of myself! 😀
thanks to serene, i managed to climb out of my bed at 7.30am this morning to cab down to kallang to support my beloved team mates for this year’s national canoe marathon.

canoeing marathon seems to be getting tougher each year.
when it first started two years ago at seletar reservoir, it was only 28km (which i thought was tough then!).
and this year, its 29km for senior category T boats, and 36km for senior category K boats!!!!!
its 5 rounds of marina reservoir for goodness sake! *faints*
as of 27 jan 08, dennis has set the record of being the 1st in np to go that distance!
so proud so proud so proud of you!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

same goes for junsheng who got FIRST in senior men T1 category.
finally broke the curse of getting 2nd in competitions…
the one and only representing SIM, you’ve proved your worth!

everyone in the team really did well, at least, nobody gave up! 😀
well done!!

now, am back home with an ugly tanline.

work tomorrow,


vintage cars

January 23, 2008

Here’s some photographs taken during my site inspection..

Ain’t they gorgeous?

They’ll be having a vintage car exhibition this coming Saturday from 3pm to 5pm at National Library. Catch them there! 🙂


For some reasons, I am already missing my girlfriends and darling.  😦

I think I’ll soon need a short weekend getaway to escape from the hectic work man.

one less tooth

January 20, 2008

half of my mouth is numb now and i totally can’t feel anything even when ben hits me on my face.
just got my molar tooth extracted as it has been giving me tons of headaches which got worst recently.
been swallowing my food since then, and i guess im gonna get digestion problems really soon. 😦

anyway, the two 21st birthday parties that i attended yesterday (dennis’s) and today (my cousins’s) was great!
finally a good and eventful weekend for me!
a real break from all the endless work.

oh yes! i managed to hop on a couple of vintage car for a ride during site inspection this morning.
the rolls royce and mercedes is a real beauty.
learnt a lot about vintage cars today, and still a lot of homework to do for the upcoming event.
will upload pics once i get them!

back to my tv!

happy birthday dennis!

January 19, 2008

the air during weekend seems fresher, with a pinch of refreshing lemon smell which makes me want to sleep even more.



21st already, so fast so fast so fast!!! he was still that cute 18 year-old boy when i first known him.
now so man already. hehehehehe.
its gonna be his birthday chalet later in the evening.
im looking forward to seeing everybody there later!
more such gatherings with my dearest team mates pleaseeeeeeeee.
(heyyyy! someone plan for cny reunion dinner leh. lol.)

now on to the sadder note of my post,
its already ONE week without my laptop, and my hard disk is still at the data recovery centre.
sigh, feel so handicap without it. 😦
am i too reliant on my laptop?

sigh. sigh. sigh.

how to be rich?

January 18, 2008

how can one be rich?

investment? or be a stingy poke? =/



January 15, 2008

still in the midst of planning for my cousin’s birthday party this coming weekend.
hopefully everything can be confirmed and duties can be assigned to all by tomorrow morning. 😀

apparently, settlers cafe’s party package is really cheap and awesome!

still googling for some nice party deco ideas.

isn’t this pretty?


January 14, 2008

lady luck hasn’t been on my side lately.

i’ve been down with a bad flu for more than a week.
despite consuming all the panadol cold relieve pills, it hasn’t got better at all. 😦

besides that, my computer was pronounced dead on saturday morning before i left home for dim sum buffet.
i hope the data recovery centre will call me up later to tell me that all my precious data can be retrieved.
my 70% completed final report for my iap, and 3 years worth of photographs and portfolio.


a boring weekend

January 7, 2008

it was an awful weekend at home with nothing to do, except for some reports and videos for the upcoming event.

i want to go sun tanning soon!
i want to go bowling, cycling, swimming and blading too!

my weekends are getting boring and i guess its time for me to put up a notice for a weekend companion.

i haven’t caught my The Warlords yet too.


dim sum buffet outing

January 6, 2008

to all my beloved team mates,

im planning for a dim sum buffet outing next saturday, details in the following:

venue: miramar hotel, orient ocean restaurant
time: 11am at tiong bahru plaza (buffet starts from 1130hrs-1400hrs)
cost: $14.80 per pax (not sure if there’ll be any plus plus)

please RSVP cos i would need to make reservation this coming wednesday to secure seats! hehe.

see you there!

-edited 1831hrs-

just dug out some photos of our prev dim sum buffet outing on 27th oct 2005. lol

i really miss those days.