p.s. i love you

March 6, 2008

this is by-far the best novel i’ve ever read.

its a pity that i didn’t manage to catch the movie at the theatres, vcd/dvd/websites anyone?



get a life, jiaying.

March 4, 2008

there’s a series of happening events that happened in the last two weeks.

sprinters reunions dinner, xinmei’s bday, elva’s bday, raf/yingmin’s back, bowling, clubbing, darling, fondue, cousin’s bday, meet up with becca, and more!

photos will be up soon, i promise. 🙂

im trying to find more time for myself right now.

i no longer see myself chatting on msn, doing online shopping, shopping with my girlfriends, chilling with the honey brown club khakis, ETC ETC.
and i thought, it is really time for me to do what i should do.
its a decision made.

yingmin made my day today.
she promised to fly me to new york, and im really excited about it! teeheeeee.

i love you, girl. my new girlfriend. 🙂

buddy is back @ indo already. filled with mixed feelings, and im starting to miss having someone close by my side. come back soon my green, you’re dearly missed by yellow.