thank you, ms ang.

July 17, 2009

she is a great teacher.

my heart sank when i see her lying there, helplessly gasping for the next breath.
we have always wanted to meet up for our long discussed tea session nearby, but due to my work & school commitment, it was left pending on the list.

i remember how i used to admire her back then in school…
and how everyone thought i was insane.

she was the one who screamed at me for conveniently copying all my corrections and not learning from all my mistakes.
she was the one who made me stay back after class and taught me all over again from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in secondary 3 – when i found out that i had been doing square root the wrong way.
i became crazy over my maths ten years’ series and got back my love for that subject.

apart from a teacher, she was also a great mentor.
she brought me to church over the weekends and would patiently hear my grumbles & rantings over lunch.

i had so much to tell.. how great she was and all.
but i have never found the courage to say it when i see her every evening.
i hope the guardian angels will be watching over her by the bedside and take the pain away from her.
i hope there will be many more evenings where we can all gather to visit her to see her well.

thank you ms ang, for everything.

it was all great memories, and one of the best years of my life.

a class picture taken on our last day in the classroom. all tables and chairs were already cleared.

taken during our class outing in 2003 – east coast park.