New found love.

March 20, 2010

I shall stop myself from taking anymore cabs.

I shall stop being so lazy and conveniently raise my hands for cabs.

I need to stop!

And start taking cheaper public transport – buses & mrt. Ez link card shall be my new love.



Tomorrow shall be the final showdown.

You’re the first that I want to take revenge on.
Because your personality is just plain fugly.

Please give me all the energy and strength for the fight tomorrow.


Humpty dumpty

March 16, 2010

Jeff calls him humpty dumpty and I’m waiting for him to have a great fall.

4 more days baby!

falling leaves.

March 14, 2010

when was the last time you stood to watch falling leaves?

i can’t remember when i last did, but im glad i had the chance to catch a glimpse of it yesterday.
everyday i’ve been moving around so quickly that ive missed out on the beauty of the nature.

maybe its time to slow down. i think i’d feel happier this way 🙂

3 years 6 months

March 12, 2010

How time flies.

We have been together for 3 years 6 months already.

He’s an amazing gift 🙂

From Him. From Her.

March 10, 2010

Had a really great catch up session with WL yesterday evening.
It has been years since we both last sat down together to do some catching up.

Sadly, HL couldn’t join us.. really hope to see him soon!

Spoke about many things, and we’re all grown ups now.
How I miss the good old days…

Shared a lot and we both learnt a lot as we spoke about our relationships.
I never understood Ben on many occasions, thinking that he’s the world’s most insensible boyfriend ever.
And same goes for WL till we started learning about how we both fare as a partner. Hahaha.
On a friend level, we view many to be potentially great and understanding gf/bf.
But on the next level, it is actually very hard to achieve the understanding especially at emotional times.

It is always good to take a step back and view the bigger picture before deciding on anything.

It is really amazing how different man & woman perceive and react to things.
No wonder many often describe man & woman as two different species.

2 more days and its gonna be another weekend.
Looking forward to our Break Out & steamboat session this saturday 😉

I will miss…

March 8, 2010

Finally tendered my resignation last Monday.

Am serving my one month notice and clearing my annual leave. So glad I’ve finally made up my mind to make this move and I hope to take a short break before embarking my next career adventure.

I had to leave because I’m already losing the motivation to work for an organisation without clear directions and with all the restructuring going on, I was going bananas almost every single day.

It has been a great and eventful 8 months stay here. A place where I learnt the true art of office politics, taichi and of course, made really good friends too.

I’ll miss the people, and the freedom I had in work and time.

2 more weeks. I look forward. 🙂