bridge addict.

May 11, 2008

just back from elva’s place after bbq & hours of bridge games.

im so addicted to bridge!!!
any khakis???


get a life, jiaying.

March 4, 2008

there’s a series of happening events that happened in the last two weeks.

sprinters reunions dinner, xinmei’s bday, elva’s bday, raf/yingmin’s back, bowling, clubbing, darling, fondue, cousin’s bday, meet up with becca, and more!

photos will be up soon, i promise. ­čÖé

im trying to find more time for myself right now.

i no longer see myself chatting on msn, doing online shopping, shopping with my girlfriends, chilling with the honey brown club khakis, ETC ETC.
and i thought, it is really time for me to do what i should do.
its a decision made.

yingmin made my day today.
she promised to fly me to new york, and im really excited about it! teeheeeee.

i love you, girl. my new girlfriend. ­čÖé

buddy is back @ indo already. filled with mixed feelings, and im starting to miss having someone close by my side. come back soon my green, you’re dearly missed by yellow.

one less tooth

January 20, 2008

half of my mouth is numb now and i totally can’t feel anything even when ben hits me on my face.
just got my molar tooth extracted as it has been giving me tons of headaches which got worst recently.
been swallowing my food since then, and i guess im gonna get digestion problems really soon. ­čśŽ

anyway, the two 21st birthday parties that i attended yesterday (dennis’s) and today (my cousins’s) was great!
finally a good and eventful weekend for me!
a real break from all the endless work.

oh yes! i managed to hop on a couple of vintage car for a ride during site inspection this morning.
the rolls royce and mercedes is a real beauty.
learnt a lot about vintage cars today, and still a lot of homework to do for the upcoming event.
will upload pics once i get them!

back to my tv!

dim sum buffet outing

January 6, 2008

to all my beloved team mates,

im planning for a dim sum buffet outing next saturday, details in the following:

venue: miramar hotel, orient ocean restaurant
time: 11am at tiong bahru plaza (buffet starts from 1130hrs-1400hrs)
cost: $14.80 per pax (not sure if there’ll be any plus plus)

please RSVP cos i would need to make reservation this coming wednesday to secure seats! hehe.

see you there!

-edited 1831hrs-

just dug out some photos of our prev dim sum buffet outing on 27th oct 2005. lol

i really miss those days.

the indecisive bunch.

December 29, 2007

after many months, we finally met again.

they are my favourite seniors back then in delta..
one taught me the art of slacking – desmond;
one accompanied me across the bridge for a year – weeliat;
and one who┬ásimply pushes his smelly fingers into my nose – jonathan.

des & liat with their fav junior –┬áme!

where’s jas?




a BIG thank you to geri who took the effort to organise this christmas bbq for us at her place.

we haven’t exactly had┬ásuch an enjoyable party┬áfor a┬álong time.
these people are the joy of my life in polytechic, and will still be!

coincidentally, it was lex’s birthday on that day too (it was┬ánot a planned one! heh)┬á

the da jie da of the sprintgirls.

my favourite two.

meet my miffy friend.

my cab khaki!

sprintgirls (missing: regina)

the game of the night – wet head (credits: darling’s)

it was a great party, with my all time favourites.

coming up next, dennis’s birthday chalet.
wet head too? ­čÖé