Sugar Love

February 24, 2010

I often complain that my boyfriend is the least romantic being on earth.

But sometimes, he’s just too sweet in his ways.

I love simple evenings with good food, window shopping & movie. We’ve been working like bumblebee lately and we haven’t spent much quality time together.

More please…


get a life, jiaying.

March 4, 2008

there’s a series of happening events that happened in the last two weeks.

sprinters reunions dinner, xinmei’s bday, elva’s bday, raf/yingmin’s back, bowling, clubbing, darling, fondue, cousin’s bday, meet up with becca, and more!

photos will be up soon, i promise. 🙂

im trying to find more time for myself right now.

i no longer see myself chatting on msn, doing online shopping, shopping with my girlfriends, chilling with the honey brown club khakis, ETC ETC.
and i thought, it is really time for me to do what i should do.
its a decision made.

yingmin made my day today.
she promised to fly me to new york, and im really excited about it! teeheeeee.

i love you, girl. my new girlfriend. 🙂

buddy is back @ indo already. filled with mixed feelings, and im starting to miss having someone close by my side. come back soon my green, you’re dearly missed by yellow.

post christmas sale

December 30, 2007

its better than the great singapore sale.
everywhere’s sale sale sale, shiok!

thank you darling for the red dress 8)